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Unlock your ultimate potential.

At the core of the Harpal Labs raison d’être is a holistic approach to attaining peak performance and vitality.

World-leading technologies + a team of renowned specialists = effective and highly personalised health optimisation therapies.

Get advanced treatments backed up with the latest research in biohacking, with proven results for improved wellbeing, at our central location in St Paul’s, London.

Our treatments are ideal for athletes, weekend warriors and those who wish to recover quickly from injuries or sporting activity, but the benefits of our treatments extend to anyone who wants to feel their best; physically and mentally.

Premier athletes rave about this. Why? Because it works brilliantly! Improve muscle recovery time, reduce inflammation and get pain relief from our CryoAction cryotherapy chamber (London’s first of its kind full body chamber).

Not just your average sauna; our whole body, full-spectrum infrared sauna

does total body purification of embedded environmental and consumed toxins, reduces joint and muscle inflammation, calms the mind and boosts the immune system. We have also upgraded this experience with full-spectrum chromotherapy to further boost your experience and leave you with an overall sense of calm and wellbeing.

Optimise your body with IV vitamin infusions, a holy grail of vitamins and minerals via freshly-prepared, bespoke intravenous drips or pushes and intramuscular injections.

We place a strong emphasis on a preventative approach to health – after all, an optimised body is more likely to avoid premature deterioration, injury and illness. Furthermore, we know that every body is different, which is why we tailor all treatments to meet your individual needs, while providing gold standard expertise across the board.

Book an appointment with us online or by calling 020 7096 5476.

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