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How Our Clients Feel

Visited the Burgon St clinic yesterday to use the cryotherapy chamber and I was very impressed with the place. Friendly staff, welcoming and well thought through – not clinical! There’s even a space where you can just go in and spend time. Thoroughly recommended. – Elliot Piggot

I really enjoyed my recent visit to Harpal Labs. The cryochamber is really fun and made me feel really buzzed for my next work out. Great staff and excellent location! – Hannah McLeod

I have been using Dr. Harpal’s services and recommending my clients to her since 2016.

I can advise on general healthy living and nutritional guidance, but I am not able to diagnose the kind of vitamin deficiencies or hormonal imbalances that could impede someone’s physical performance. That’s where Harpal steps in. Being aligned with the number one doctor in the UK for hormone therapy, lifestyle management and now these new, cutting-edge optimisation services, I am able to dramatically bolster the service I offer my clients.

Business owners and trainers running fitness facilities and services rely on the repeat business from their clients. One of the biggest challenges we face in this line of work is getting and retaining our clients. You may only spend 1-3 hours a week with your client, but what happens when you don’t see them? Their busy and stressful lifestyles could be hampering your hard work and disrupting the training plan you have created for them. This can result in little to no results and cause your client to lose confidence in your services. Then you have to restart the cycle of finding new clients, getting them engaged and trying to retain them all over again!

I have personally used the new services at Harpal Labs and have felt the enormous benefits already. I am now recommending regular cryotherapy sessions, vitamin therapy and use of the Infrared sauna where it is suitable for each individual client’s needs. By building these services into a totally holistic training program, I am seeing overwhelmingly positive results in my own and in my clients’ progress. I’m able to see my clients more frequently, and their energy levels and ability to perform is notably improved.

No matter how intensely you exercise; the results are only ever going to be as good as the individual’s ability to recover from the stresses you place on your body. It is only through the recovery in-between sessions that the body can adapt and change, these services help make that time as effective and efficient as possible. – Lee Hadden

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