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Dr. Harpal Bains MBBS DFSRH PGCAestMed (Dist)

Founder of Harpal Labs

Dr. Bains has had a unique and interesting career in medicine. From such a diverse and wide-ranging breadth of medical experience, Dr. Bains has been able to form a unique approach to addressing her patients’ needs. Through years of research, development and hands-on experience, she has curated her own protocol for understanding the root causes of her patients issues. At Harpal Clinic, her private practice in the City of London, she combines cutting-edge treatment methods and medication to provide fully comprehensive and life-changing treatment solutions for her patients.
As someone at the forefront of progressive medicine, Dr. Bains decided to take things a step further and began to explore advanced body optimisation and biohacking. She created Harpal Labs, a first of its kind facility in the heart of central London, to provide a service for those who want to experience a higher state of wellness and faster recovery.

Harpal Labs is home to some of the most advanced body optimisation technologies in the world, including London’s only true full-body cryotherapy chamber, a full spectrum infrared sauna and bespoke vitamin IV therapy. (Read more about the benefits of these on the next page!). Alongside her dedicated team, Dr.Bain’s mission is to take healthcare to new heights, and to truly make people look and feel the best they can – something that Dr.Bains believes everyone deserves to feel.

Dr Poonam Salker MBBS BSc (Dist) MRCGP DRCOG DSFRH Darzi Fellowship 2016 (Dist) and AFMCP Graduate 2018. GMC: 7043247


Dr Salker has, not only a degree in Medicine at Kings College London but an intercalated degree in Psychology which helps her understand her client’s psyche better.

Dr Salker’s journey into functional medicine came about shortly after she started practicing as a GP. She realised that there were several clients with chronic health conditions and chronic health symptoms such as fatigue, joint pains and depression who were not improving with conventional medicine.

The functional medicine approach allows Dr Salker to learn and appreciate an in-depth story about her clients’ lives. Using a functional medicine approach means she can dig deeper to find out the root cause of a client’s chronic health symptoms. She is able to create a tailored health recovery programme which incorporates a variety of evidence-based measures.

Her medical background and focus on holistic care means she is able to provide a unique approach to client wellness. Her aim is that everyone under her care feels better physically and emotionally and that they are empowered to live a life free of chronic illness and of optimum health. She is truly passionate about her client’s recovery and her dedication and commitment to their health is clear to see.

Dan Smith

Co-Founder and Director Harpal Labs

A lifelong learner, Dan has degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Architecture, as well as a Masters in Business Administration.

Dan’s fundamental passion is building and scaling business. With experience across business development, management, international scale, teams, investment and tech, he’s a knowledgeable human and contributes his experience to help shape the future direction of Harpal Labs.

In addition to his work with Harpal Labs, Dan is also a business mentor with the Barclays London Financial Accelerator, as well as mentoring and supporting member venture development at The Rattle – an innovative music co-working space in Tobacco Docks.

Aliyah Ahmed

Senior Client Care Coordinator & Health Coach

Aliyah is our senior client care coordinator and health coach. Since joining team Harpal in 2017 she has become the vital missing link between clients and our health care staff. She answers all questions big and small, in terms people can understand, with a watertight knowledge of our treatments and the type of healthcare we provide.

Aliyah goes above and beyond to help keep Harpal Labs running smoothly. She knows most clients by first name and puts everyone’s minds at ease. Her upbeat personality, intuition, and high level of efficiency with managing queries and labs services make her an essential part of the Harpal Labs machine.

Dr. Nirupa Shanthakumar phD

Finance, Ordering and Facilities management

Nirupa is our purchase and stock control specialist. With a Doctorate in Humanities, Nirupa has an eye for intricate details. A methodological and systematic approach individual who will extend her limits for accuracy, professionalism and patient care. An avid traveler and mum of two, who can be a well rounded example for balanced individual with responsibility and fun loving.

Gary Read

Researcher, Cryotherapy Chamber and Infrared Sauna Technician

Born in Liverpool, Gary studied History at the University of Liverpool. He gained a masters degree in classics before moving on to work for the Royal Bank of Scotland in their graduate programme. He worked in Foreign Exchange, Money Market, Derivative, Futures products, and Prime Brokerage, across RBS, NatWest, ABN AMRO banks. He has also volunteered for the Cheshire based charity OCEAN (Organising and Caring for Ethnic and All Nationalities).

As one of the longest serving members of staff, Gary knows the harpal business inside and out, and is like the glue that holds together many pieces within the organisation. As well as being a motivating force for the rest of the harpal team, Gary is also a great researcher, and has become au courant with the latest developments in biohacking and heath optimisation technology. Thus making him the perfect operator for our complex biohacking machines.

Gary’s experience, his passion for helping others in need, and his acute eye for detail, logistics and processes, make him a valuable asset to the harpal labs team.

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